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Martha Sanches-Lai


Martha Sanches-Lai, a visionary entrepreneur hailing from Hong Kong, has made her mark in the real estate industry in Bali since 2019. Her successful investments span across sought-after locations such as Umalas, Canggu, Padonan, and Uluwatu.


Martha's unique blend of contemporary, modern, and traditional villa design eye sets her apart. Her unparalleled vision allows her to create captivating spaces that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and cultural elements. With an exceptional knack for identifying great sites and envisioning their potential, Martha's expertise ensures the selection of prime locations for SwissBali Invest's real estate developments.


As a self-made entrepreneur, Martha possesses a relentless drive and determination to succeed. Her keen eye for detail and meticulous approach contribute to her success in the industry. She has a deep understanding of market dynamics, enabling her to spot emerging trends and capitalize on lucrative investment opportunities.


Martha's passion for real estate extends beyond design and investment. She is committed to creating exceptional experiences for clients and ensuring their satisfaction. Her strong interpersonal skills foster trust and collaboration, allowing her to build lasting relationships with clients, investors, and partners.


As an asset to SwissBali Invest, Martha's expertise, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit contribute significantly to the company's success. Her ability to navigate the complex real estate market, coupled with her design acumen, positions SwissBali Invest as a leader in Bali's real estate development sector.


With Martha's leadership and commitment to excellence, SwissBali Invest continues to deliver outstanding real estate projects that exceed expectations. Her unparalleled expertise, combined with her passion for creating remarkable spaces, makes Martha an invaluable asset in the company's mission to provide exceptional real estate developments and investment opportunities in Bali.

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