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Izhary Zachary (Zac)


Zac, an accomplished entrepreneur from Singapore, has been at the forefront of successful real estate ventures in Bali since 2019. With a diverse background in Law, multiple franchise acquisitions in Singapore and Thailand, as well as experience in the tech sector, Zac brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to SwissBali Invest. His legal expertise enables him to oversee crucial aspects such as risk assessment, liabilities, and legal investment mechanics, ensuring a solid foundation for clients' investments. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Zac excels in ROI forecasting and projections, providing clients with valuable insights and maximizing their investment potential.


Zac's resourcefulness and critical thinking abilities, honed through his experience in various sectors, bring a fresh and innovative perspective to SwissBali Invest. He seamlessly applies his diverse skill set to drive the expansion of the business, leveraging his expertise in different industries to identify new opportunities and navigate complex challenges.


As a self-made entrepreneur, Zac embodies a passion for success that transcends any sector. His tenacity and determination have propelled him to achieve outstanding results throughout his career. His ability to adapt and thrive in different environments demonstrates his resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.


Zac's multifaceted background, critical thinking skills, and resourcefulness make him an invaluable asset to SwissBali Invest. His comprehensive understanding of legal matters, risk management, and strategic planning contributes significantly to the company's success in real estate developments in Bali.


With Zac's expertise and commitment to excellence, SwissBali Invest is well-positioned to provide clients with secure and lucrative investment opportunities. His contributions ensure that clients receive a solid and transparent investment experience, making Zac an essential pillar of the company's vision to deliver exceptional real estate projects in Bali.

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